Meran Tıp had started to produce ophthalmic surgical products since 2007 after three years of R&D period. The success in the local market had been reached with the quality of our products and the reasonable price policy in a very short time.

With the help of tuhe quality poicy followed, Meran Tıp achieved international quality standards and approved its products and production systems with EN ISO 13485:2003, EN ISO 9001:2000 and CE quality certifications.

Meran Tıp is serving the local market with 12 distributors all around Turkey, has started to export in 2012 and has managed to increase proportion of the exports in Europe, Asia, North Africa and South American Countries. As exportation potential has grown up, Meran has moved its own production plant to Istanbul Free Trade Zone. The production plant has 1000 sqm closed area and 120 spm dedicated clean room.

Meran Tıp has been following R&D activities with the help of surgeons, universities and TUBITAK since the establishment. Meran Tıp has been continuously working to add new products, improve the existing products and its production capabilities.

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